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Untold SEO factors to rank first on Google

With every progressing year, things are changing in the field of SEO and it’s becoming hard for peoples to determine which SEO techniques to implement and which to discard.

Here, “ I list some of the most important SEO factors to follow in the Year 2019.”

If you want to improve your website ranking without getting hit by any Google Penalty or Algorithm Updates.

1. Review your site structure and internal building:

Your site’s navigation is hugely important to SEO. Google gives the highest ranking authority to those websites with a good user interface and easy navigation throughout the internal pages on the website.

Adding internal links to important pages is like adding another stream of water to that crop. The more internal links are just like feeding more information to the user and it adds the weight to your website and as a result, your website attains a high priority in Search Engine ranking.

Make sure your navigation is clean without any dead links because Google considers the dead links as bad signals to your website and it lowers your ranking.

2. Make sure your website is Mobile & User-friendly:

Mobile has long overtaken desktop in the number of users browsing online.

Search engine lowers the ranking if your website is not mobile optimized. So the primary thing is to optimize your website for mobiles.

User-friendly Website optimization is also a very important thing you need to concentrate on. If your site is not so, users will not stay longer in your sites and as a result, the bounce rate of your site get increased which lowers your site ranking.

3. Ensure all your images have alt text:

 Did you know that Google image search accounts for 10.1% of all Google’s search traffic?

Adding alt text to images is a super easy and simple way to take advantage of some of that traffic.

Plus, Google uses alt text to determine the topic of a page, so it can even help your search rankings.

4. Improve your Site speed:

Site speed is important for a lot of reasons. People will tend to leave if a site takes longer than 5 seconds to load.

But it’s also important to Google.

If your site is slow, speeding it up can remove the penalty and improve your rankings.

5. Provide useful and fresh content:

Don’t write the irrelevant content on the website and moreover, it is very important that your content should be unique.

A strong and relevant content can bring more credibility & can attract more audience to your website.

It makes users stick into your website for a long time and as a result, it reduces the bounce rate. This gives a positive sign in Google ranking.

Google lowers the ranking for websites with high bounce rates.

There are many other factors which can even affect the SEO trend of 2019. But the most important one I have enlisted in the Best SEO Tips 2019.

Hopefully, you get these SEO services implemented from a few SEO Services providers.

If you need things to be implemented to rank higher in search engine result pages take a look at SEO Warriors.

SEO Warriors is the best SEO company in India caters outstanding SEO services for any kind of business. We provide Geo-location or Geo-targeting SEO services for domestic and international clients.


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