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Top 7 reasons why should invest in ICO Marketing

The growth of the decentralized platform will impact a positive drastic change in the financial market place. Yes..!! More investors are likely to invest in the decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple due to its unique features.
Initial coin offering also rising rapidly in the cryptocurrency marketplace when in the high demand of raising capital for a cryptocurrency project. Let us see about ICO from the scratch,
What exactly is an ICO?
ICO is the acronym of Initial Coin Offering which involves the process of selling a digital currency or a token to increase the capital amount for creating a crypto-coin, application or launches services in ICO.
Now let’s explore what is going on.
A startup or company are looking to raise the capital for further enhancement in the new cryptocurrency project in ICO marketplace. Next, willing investors can buy the offering with the exchange of fiat currency or virtual currency. On the other way, Investors receive a new cryptocurrency token to the ICO.
Then, Startup makes use of the funds collected from the investors to meet their goal, launches the project and services and starting its digital currency creation. Investors receive a better return on investment in the future if the ICO project goes well. On the whole, ICO is the new way to raise the capital for the new cryptocurrency project.
Why ICO?
Presently, there is a number of trendy crowdfunding platforms are available in the marketplace than ICO. But it dominates others and grabbing huge attention in cryptocurrency and blockchain industries too. Yet comes up with risk factors and challenges.
Initial coin offering is different from IPO(Initial public offering) under three structural differences. They are
1. ICOs are decentralized that’s not under any governing authority.
2. ICOs are highly liberal, any government organization like U.S security and exchange commission do not monitor them.
3. At last, Decentralized and liberal regulation in ICO are much freer when compared to IPO structure. 
ICO Benefits for investors:
Generally, In an Initial public offering where investors can get the shares of stock in the company for the exchange of investment. In the case of ICO, Investors get a cryptocurrency token from the company. Mostly, investors pay the popular existing token BTC, ETH to get the new cryptocurrency token.
If the ICO campaign successfully runs, the value of the newly purchased crypto token by the investor will climb the above price set during the ICO. Investors will get an amazing Return on Investment(ROI).
Well, Now lets us know about the authentic reason to invest in marketing the ICO,
Launching an ICO is an easy job but make it as a successful ICO matter a lot. An ICO needs a strong digital marketing strategy to outreach it in a potential market.
Presently, In every business field competition was at a peak and it increases day by day. We can’t control them but we will stay ahead in the competition. The best way to stay on the top in the market place is Digital Marketing.
Yes..!! Marketing matters a lot in today’s business world. Without marketing, No one can move a step forward in their business. In today’s internet world, Online marketing is the easiest way to connect with the audience and brand your business towards them.
Digital marketing will also help in advertising your ICO among the various audience globally and get valid investors towards your ICO. Here are the top 7 valid reasons to invest in Marketing your ICO,
1. Stand out in the ICO market place
2. Bring more investors towards your ICO
3. Build trust for your ICO among the investors
4. Maintain the reputation for your ICO
5. Gain a large audience base for your ICO
6. Make the audience to talk about your ICO
7. Helps to raise the capital for your ICO in a smarter way.
Now you got a clear view of what is ICO, why it is needed and why to market it. Great..!! Marketing an ICO in the vast cryptocurrency marketplace is a tough job but a right marketing services and strategy will surely help to stand out in the marketplace.
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Having a plan to market your ICO then hire a leading ICO marketing agency - SEO Warriors to achieve it. We are here to assist you in the best way to reach your business goal.


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