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How Blockchain Can Change The Digital Marketing Industry

Technology evolution is creating a frictionless lifestyle. Yes..!! The internet has changed immensely over the years and it will be a look differently then it’s right now.
Currently, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin is making a buzz in the market place. These currencies are designed under the blockchain technology. 
Well, Let us first know about what is blockchain?
Blockchain is a distributed or public ledger which is used to store the transaction data made on cryptocurrencies across several computers that are linked in the peer-to-peer network.
How does it work?

Blockchain technology is rapidly moving on many industries because of its unique functionalities.
The main key to adopt blockchain in many industries is because it eliminates the third party while making a transaction and keep it in a secure and transparent format. Here are some of the industries which can potentially disrupt are finance, voting, car sales, sports, real estate, insurance, education, hospital, etc,
Blockchain technology enhancement creates a new opportunity for online marketing firm like launching a new ICO in the market place and branding the upcoming crypto coin globally. And one more thing schema community has created a schema markup for blockchain certificate and user profiles.
Here, you can get how the blockchain technology disrupts digital marketing as a whole. In the future, Upcoming blockchain applications will improve the major intensive problems which are in digital marketing today. But it takes a while.
1)Impact on Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
Google is the common authority which connects the digital advertisers with website owners for promotional activities. Let us take an example as paid display advertising, Here Google run the paid ads via display network without having any interaction between advertiser and website owners.
Google acts as the central authority which helps the advertisers and website owner to trust each other. If they know each other, then there is no need for any intermediary and no need to cut off the margin profit.
In blockchain technology, without any third party interaction advertiser and the website owner can make a business. Here each user is genuinely verified with 100 %. So, there is no need to afraid of any fraudulent activities. A digital advertiser can pay only for genuine click to the website owner which saves their money.
2)Building Trust:
The key challenge for all the business people is to gain the consumer's trust. With the blockchain marketing, From small to large scale companies can gain trust through transparency which other marketing strategies don’t.
In the blockchain, Everything is documented and verified. For instance, a consumer can verify the product that how it was made in a supply chain. This helps out the consumer to know about the company credibility.
 3)Control their own information:
Nowadays, users do not have control to secure their personal data. If a user uses the web, information is captured and used it on later. General users are fed up with that their private information available to the businesses.
User can take full control of their identity concerns and transaction history via several service providers like uPort, MetaMask, and Keybase. Blockchain technology allows users to charge for their contact information.
In blockchain technology, users identity and host transaction only verify on the public ledger and all the remains data of the user not to be shared on the network. It is highly impossible to hack the data on the blockchain.
4)Tracking Keywords:
Tracking a keyword is a more challenging task in digital marketing. The keyword on a search engine doesn’t stand constantly it ranking position will change simultaneously when search engine algorithm updates or maybe the other reasons.
Digital marketer keeps tracking the keyword on various devices in local as well as globally is a complex task. Entering in blockchain, Marketers will track the keyword across all devices and in many locations. This would help the marketer to create a successful marketing campaign.
5)Cyber Security:
The major problem faced by many industries is cybersecurity. Blockchain technology provides full security for the user’s personal data. It stores the user's concerns data off the network. It is not possible to hack the data. If anyone wanna hack the record then must hack all the devices on the network to made a change in the ledger.
Wrapping up:
Blockchain technology will change the way marketers collecting the data, engaging with customers and advertising the business in the market place. And it’s unique functionalities and security features impact many industries to stepped in blockchain technology.
Many industries are getting started with blockchain technology to gain credibility and other benefits. Marketers, Leverage the blockchain technology on digital marketing to gain the audience attention at a lower cost.
Keep updating with the latest trends which will help you to stand out in the crowd.
Digital marketing services is the way to make your business as a brand globally. Without any thinking, Go with digital marketing and it will give a huge benefit to your business in a cost-effective way.
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